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141Pcs Lures Multifunctional All Swimming Layers False Baits for Sea Fishing and Fresh Water

Μην ξεχνατε να κλικαρετε στο ονομα χρηστη για εμφανιση της λιστας των αντικειμενενων !!!

Χαρακτηριστικα συμφωνα με τον κατασκευαστη

Key Features...

Plastic and high carbon steel materials, durable and strong.
Exquisite workmanship, vivid, lifelike and high simulation lures.
With complete accessories, all swimming layers lures fit for all waters.
A box that can store all the lures, portable for you to carry outdoor.

Manufacturer Specifications


Item type: Lures set
Material: Plastic + high carbon steel
Color: Random
Box size: 21 * 10.7 * 4.2cm
Packaging weight: 400 grams
Set details: 1 three hook hard lures (6pcs: minino 1, chubby 1, wave climbing 1, pencil 1, plastic VIB 1, chubby banana 1), 2 sequins lures (14pcs: horse mouth sequins 2, iron shells 2, iron willow 4, iron pineapple 2, fish scale sequins 2, tied horse mouth 2) 3 soft lure (70pcs: one-tailed maggot 10, grass shrimp 5, mermaid 2, crickets 10, mealworm 10, earthworms 10, large prawns 2, tubular bait 2, prawns 2, floating ball 5, corn grains 5, small frogs 2, medium frog 1, large frog 1), 4 lure accessories (50pcs: pins 5, double lap 10, crank hooks 3, single hooks 5, front leads 2, red heart plate 10, round lead hooks 3, threaded copper holders 2, luminous beads 10) 5 lure box 1pcs


Durable materials
Useful lure suit

Package includes:

141 * False Baits+1 * Plastic Box


1-2mm error might exist due to manual measurements, please kindly understand.
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