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2 Pcs 2.4G Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick for PS3 Android TV Box

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Key Features...

Flaunt your triumph and always ahead with the Zebronics Falcon 500 JP.
Adding to a gamers pride this product is designed with a stunning black color.
Comes with a rigid and strong grip to hold, which adds a lot of comfort to the player.
Compatibility factor is our strength as it is compatible with PS3, PS2 and Android.
The directional pad along with 10+ fire buttons and 2 analog sticks assures you to create a soothing gaming experience.

Manufacturer Specifications


Item type:Wireless Gamepad
Distance: ≥10 m
Standby power: ≤ 60uA
Operating current: ≤ 15mA
Batteries: 2 * AA (not included)
Supports system: Android Smartphone / Tablet PC / TV Box / Smart TV and other devices
Working current: 30mA
Working temperature: -20 ~ 65 ° C
Dimensions: 160 * 105 * 65 mm (approx.)
Color: Black (as pictures show)
Weight: 147g (approx)

Package Include:

2x 2.4G Wireless Gamepad
2 x OTG Adapter
2 x USB receiver
2 x user manual
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