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At the beginning I write something about myself ...

I am a licensed personal trainer. I am from Poland but currently living in Athens. I have several years of practice in intense sports and body shaping: from a not too-efficient, physically undeveloped people, to a person satisfied with their body and lifestyle. My goal was always to feel good in my own skin and I achieved this with balanced diet and trainings.

I'm not a "typical trainer" and why? Because I will turn your whole life upside down, I will change your bad habits and teach you how to live a healthy life and this is more than just training and lifting weights.

Here are some problems that you can solve in cooperation with me:
-reduction of body fat,
- gaining muscle mass,
- reducing postural defects and relieving back pain
- matching the right individual diet/

At the beginning, you choose the training package. The price of the package depends on the length of cooperation and the frequency of training.
Each of the packages gives you the opportunity to access the training application.

Cooperation includes:
Filling out health surveys, discussing the goal of the protégé, learning how to warm up, getting to know new exercises for training and improving the figure, learning how to do the exercises properly, discussing the most common mistakes while exercising, learning stretching and learning to roll after training.
During cooperation, you will be the most important person for me. I will take care of your safety, for proper exercise during training.
I assure you that you will never get bored during training. And after the training, you will leave the room with a smile of satisfaction.

The trainings will take place in your place. I believe that this will destroy your excuses. You don't have to spend time on driving to my place or to the gym. Gym will come tou you!
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Paula Kul


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